Golfing a challenge and a way of life

People kept telling me how is it that you like golfing when you are still so active…what nobody knew was how golf can transform your personality and how it can help you find out so much information about you. This was what I found definitely most challenging about golf, how it makes you accept your foulies and move on.

My real reason was wanting to share an activity with my husband.  Something he really enjoyed and that we could look forward to doing it together in the future.

A few years later we were a group of 8 playing golf together.  This again was another opportunity for me as a sports and travel passionate, to organize golf tours around the country and visit places we hadn´t even heard of.

That´s how we first got to Córdoba, in the little town of Altagracia and stayed in Potrerillo Larreta.  A farm immersed in the hills with an amazing 18th hole golf course, with wild fauna around and a hotel which is an old house transformed into a very peaceful and charming hotel.

Spending 3 or 4 days in that place is so relaxing and amusing.  There´s so much to do there apart from golfing. Biking is a very good option in a scenery surrounded by hills and a rough terrain.  As well as trekking which can be done in the area or outside where you will find an incredible amount of places full of streams as well as an excellent gastronomy.

The city just half an hour from Altagracia is one of the most important ones in Argentina due to its productivity.

So our first trip was carefully planned and very successful.  This obviously was going to be the perfect excuse to have a get together meeting between brothers, sisters and inlaws who live scattered around the country and share the same passion…Golf.

Never stop dreaming and never stop exploring…

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