My First Approach to Mountain Bike

Biking…riding a bike is one of the most rewarding activities we learn as a child.  The reason, I guess it´s simple, because whoever takes the time to teach us to ride our bikes is ready to share and enjoy that moment with us.  This leads us to a simple reflection, every time you ride your bike your mind takes you back to that lovely time spent with someone who cared.

I usually went for a bike ride with a couple of friends around our neighbourhood for an hour and deeply enjoyed it.  It was a relaxing activity.  But every time I came home and sat by the tv and watched an important cycling event I thought I need to do something more than riding around.  That´s when I came across my trainer on the internet, just by chance.  The only woman who had ever done the full Road 40 in my country which leads you from the farthest point in the south of Argentina to the farthest one in the north.  Imagine pedalling 5000km alone with your tent for 25 days…definetely her story called my attention and that´s how I started training for my own challenge.

Challenges don´t need to be difficult, but they need to be real.  Where you know that with hard work, and willingness you will be able to achieve it sooner or later.

Once again I had to learn to ride my bike but this time in a different way. Wearing cycling shoes was not easy and I guess I fell more times than when I was a kid.  Sharing this activity with a group of people even if you don´t know them helps you plan and achieve your goal.

A few months later I found myself running and biking, enjoying it in a way I had never imagined.

So that is the moment when the group leads you to find a goal, everyone is getting ready for a race, an adventure or both.  Everybody is training with a goal.  So my first goal was simple. A duatlon, a race where you run then you bike and end the race running a few more kms.  It was short but challenging enough for me. Made it to the end easily and realized I had many more adventures to plan from that moment onwards.

One year later, thanks to the crazy idea of a much younger group of girls with whom I was training, I decided to join them and enrolled in my first and last race I had ever done on my bike…Road of the 7 lakes…110km in the Patagonia.

My challenge was going to become my favourite adventure…


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Many people, just like I did, have a bucket list of things that they would like to do and places they would like to visit. Ten years ago I decided to start crossing off some of the things on my list turning them into real experiences.

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