My first experiences as an amateur runner and passionate for the mountains

When I began running I knew this was going to be a means to get to know my country in a better way and from a different perspective.  That is exactly what happened.

My first approach to running was done in the city and I felt I was missing something, although I had enjoyed the moment I was lacking something…It was then when I realized the city was not for me.   I wanted to run in the mountains.

The opportunity came up and I enrolled in my first 15k in Villa La Angostura, one of my favourite places in my country. Training in the city to run in the mountains was not easy but thanks to the help of a great coach I was able to get to my first trail race very well prepared.

This distance 15km for a more experienced runner might sound very short, but truth is, it is a distance that gives you the possibility to experience beautiful views from the mountains the woods, has a great difficulty in some areas especially going down the mountains in a terrain full of roots, and at that time even with residues from the eruption of a volcano in Chile.

It is a distance that enables you to experience the sounds of nature, the different smells, see animals you would have never thought along the way, everything merging in one word ADVENTURE.  At the same time allowing your body to recover in a very short time and to hop on a bike the following day or be ready for a good hike.

When you are visiting another country that is something to keep in mind, to realize you can experience everything a trail race has to offer and at the same time be ready for the next adventure.

This was the moment I realized it was a turning point in my life.  The passion for the wilderness, the adventure and the sports which reassured me this was just the beginning leading me to my favourite phrase…

Never stop dreaming and never stop exploring.

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Many people, just like I did, have a bucket list of things that they would like to do and places they would like to visit. Ten years ago I decided to start crossing off some of the things on my list turning them into real experiences.

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