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Many people, just like I did, have a bucket list of things that they would like to do and places they would like to visit. Ten years ago I decided to start crossing off some of the things on my list turning them into real experiences.

Like you my love for travelling is combined with my passion for sports. That is how the idea for “Annie’s Way Sports and Travel” was born.   I want to offer a unique, personal, tailored sporting experience combined with local knowledge and guidance. Specifically in the areas I love: golf, trekking, cycling and running.

For me sport is an international language. There is no creed, no social status or nationality. Taking part in a sporting activity breaks down barriers. Running and trekking especially have taught me that. Everyone together facing the same extreme conditions. Holding the same dreams and expectations. No one is more or less than the person next to him/her. The competitive instinct is strong but even stronger is the desire to keep each other motivated to succeed. To keep each other going when it gets tough. All you may know of your fellow competitor is the number on their shirt but your shared experience with them is the only bond you need.

This is why I believe sports has no boundaries, it’s a way of life.

I have run marathons in the mountains, half marathons in Buenos Aires and Rosario. I have cycled the well known “Siete (7) Lagos” route from Villa Langostura to San Martin de los Andes. All incredible ways of experiencing this beautiful country from a different perspective.

Let Annie’s Way Sports and Travel help you plan a unique experience that nature and sports together offer whilst you travel in Argentina with the touch of a local companion.

Never stop exploring and never stop dreaming…

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